Alternative Portraiture

More Than Just A Likeness

Rethinking the Portrait

Do more than just capture the likeness of your loved one!

So much of modern photography and imagery has departed from traditional posed portraits and has embraced a more photo-journalistic style. Along the same lines, for portrait clients looking for something different, there is alternative portraiture. Alternative portraiture is portraiture that is done in the genre style, depicting people in scenes from every day life. Imagine a beautiful work of art you might see in a gallery that just happens to include your loved one as the figure. Alternative portraiture can sometimes offer more artistic expression than traditional portraiture. These figures need not be life-size, so there is more flexibility in size and shape of the canvas. The subject figure is often in action or pausing in reflection — the face is usually partially turned away, rather than a full-on pose as in traditional portraiture. This lends a natural, candid feeling to the painting and adds intrigue. Alternative portraiture is often valued for it’s wide appeal. This style of painting is easy to pass down for generations, or even be offered for resale, because the painting is not limited to strictly a likeness of one specific person. Rather, the mood or feeling of the piece is primary, something universally appealing, while still demurely depicting the likeness of a loved one.

Price for alternative portraiture varies based on subject matter and size. Pricing begins around $2,000 for a 12”x 16.”

Portrait Painting Procedure

The portrait procedure begins with a meeting to discuss and agree upon the mood, the size, and background of the portrait. The clothing, setting, and where the painting will hang are also discussed. Each painting is carefully thought out with insight about the personality of the subject. At this time, or at another meeting, the artist will take numerous photographs, notes and sketches. Then she will return to her studio to work on a digital composite photo, or a small preliminary oil sketch or drawing of the portrait. These are presented in person when possible, or digitally if necessary, to the client for approval and/or adjustments. Some additional photo shoots or live sittings may be requested for minor adjustments. These additional sittings requested by the artist are included. Major adjustments requested by the client that require additional sittings and photography will be billed as discussed. Once initial sketches have been approved by the client, depending on size and complexity, portraits may take 6 months to a year to complete. Upon completion, the portrait will be delivered with ensured satisfaction.